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Bark Chippings

Woodchips, Mulch & Bark Suitable For Any Landscape Design – Available In Bulk

Whether you are a trade customer or a domestic customer, if you need high-quality bark, mulch or woodchips for your garden or to offer to your clients, we will have suitable options for your needs. With bulk options or suitable sized amounts for your garden, we can deliver however much is needed.

Our products are made using high-grade wood, offering you a high-quality finish, prevent weeds and enhance the look of any outdoor space.

For further information, give our team a call to discuss our options.

Wood Chips

Ornamental Bark Chippings

Ornamental bark chippings are a very useful and decorative element for your garden. They have many uses and also offer a variety of benefits to gardeners and landscapers, including:

  • Natural aesthetic
  • Weed prevention
  • Retains moisture
  • Inexpensive
  • Ideal around plants/shrubs
  • And more

Choose from a range of different bark options to suit your needs.

Woodchips For Your Garden

Woodchips are another very popular choice when it comes to adding decorative elements to a garden. They offer a beautiful visual appeal for borders around plants and shrubs, or even as part of a play area. They’re much more durable than bark and so can offer a more robust area of your garden – ideal for pathways or other places that get walked on.

Woodchips typically take longer to break down and decompose, making them a longer lasting alternative to bark or mulch. However, some may prefer the visual appeal of bark or mulch. We have a wide range of woodchip options, ranging in wood type, colour and thickness. So, get in touch to find out more.


Mulch is a damp mixture of decomposing wood that is used to cover the top layer of soil around shrubs and plants. This layer of material adds protection to plant roots in the winter months and shelters the soil beneath from the drying sun and other elements such as wind and rain. It can be great at preventing weeds and adds a visual finish to a flower bed.

Recycling And Sustainability


Ornamental bark chips are specifically chosen pieces of bark that are used to decorate gardens, flowerbeds and more.

Bark, wood, and mulch can be used in a variety of places in the garden. Typically, bark chips are used in flowerbeds or can be used to outline certain areas, pathways, borders and much more.

Bark is typically darker, and each piece is random. Whereas, woodchip is lighter and may be more uniform because of the way the wood has been chipped. Wood offers a more robust decorative finish, whereas bark will break down faster, holding moisture for plants.

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Get in touch with us today to discuss our bark, woodchip, and mulch options. We offer delivery across Wales and the South West of England.

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