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Railway Sleepers

Solid Timber Railway Sleepers For Your Next Landscaping Project

Railway sleepers are the perfect addition to any garden or landscaping project that you have. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for some high-quality timber or a tradesman using these as part of a garden renovation, we will have suitable options for you.

Our railway sleepers are made from high-quality, robust timber. They can be cut into any length you like, and we can deliver them to where they’re needed.

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Garden Sleeper Steps

High-Quality Railway Sleepers

Railway sleepers were originally used and designed for railway tracks. They are large, thick-sawn pieces of rectangular timber that now feature in many gardens as part of the landscape design. With many uses, they are ideal for a huge range of options.

Our timber sleepers are made from high-quality, treated timber and are ideal for a range of landscape and garden projects. Designed to last, these make a great addition to any garden or grounds.

Timber Sleepers For Your Landscape Design

Railway sleepers are the perfect option for any garden plan or landscape design. Being completely customisable and bespoke means that they are suitable for even the smallest of garden spaces. You can create pretty much anything from these pieces of timber for a truly bespoke garden option or DIY project.

Raised Beds In Kitchen Garden


It is a cut of wood that is rectangular and made from thick cuts of hard or softwood (usually soft). They can be cut into any size or length and because of the thickness, they are an ideal option for a range of uses. They’re inexpensive to purchase, durable and very versatile.

This type of thick-sawn wood was originally used on railway tracks. They are laid under the path, giving support and leverage to the metal track. The wood absorbs vibrations and encourages uniform gauge. Timber railway sleepers are still widely used for train tracks in many countries. It is basically just the name that this cut of wood has acquired over the years. Now they’re an extremely popular choice for a range of garden designs, being used to outline raised planters, paths and more.

They have a huge range of uses, including:

  • Planters
  • Pathways
  • Garden edging
  • Steps
  • Garden furniture
  • Retaining walls
  • Water features
  • Vegetable patches
  • And more

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